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Category : Mixing and Mastering Services



Audio Clientale Inc. is teamed up with a top of the line mixing engineer to make sure your songs sound unbelievable. We’ve mixed tracks for Angela Peel who was a Top 10 finalist for American Idol and other Fox productions, as well as thousands of other musical projects. Our engineer pays attention to every detail and you will hear the difference in your professionally mixed tracks, guaranteed.

Our mixing service is $90/song and includes two free modifications. Are mastering service is a mere $75.00 per song and includes two free modifications Additional modifications are only $25/each. The combined rate for both MIXING and Mastering is a low low cost of only $120 per song saving you $45.00 per song. To get even further savings the cost for a 12 song album is a mere $1,000 and that includes both Professional MIXING and MASTERING and this includes two free modifications as well. This equates to $83.00 per song…That’s right…you get a Whole Entire 12 song Album Professionally Mixed And Mastered At A Super Low Low Cost Of Only $83.00 Per Song!!


 Let our mastering engineer put the finishing touches on your album. Using a combination of analogue and digital gear, our mastering engineer will apply EQ, multiband compression, stereo imaging to make your mix shine. Our mastering service will give your song the finished professional broadcast quality for record label scouting and radio airplay.



# Of songs Price per Song
1 song $120/song
2 songs $116/song
3 songs $113/song
4 songs $110/song
5 songs $107/song
6 songs $104/song
7 songs $100/song
8 songs $97/song
9 songs $94/song
10 songs $91/song
11 songs $87/song
12 songs or more $83/song

Many mastering studios will charge you by the hour. You could pay anything from $50 to $500 with no way of knowing if you’re going over your budget until it’s finished.

If you’re looking for a mastering service without any hidden fees, you’ve found it in StudioPros.


What do you need to send us?

You need to send us a stereo mix in WAV or AIFF in the highest resolution possible. You’ll be able to
upload it directly to our site after completing your order, or you can mail a CD to our studio.

You don’t have to upload your files right after completing your order. You can order now and
upload your files in a few weeks.

Here are a few tips:

- Save yourself the stamp and upload your files directly to our site. This is the fastest way to get your master done.
- Zip/(Archive) your files before uploading them. It will make the upload process shorter and won’t damage your files in any way.
- No ‘pre-mastering’ is needed. Don’t send us a mix you’ve tried to master yourself. Simply send your mix without any compression and, if possible, no limiting.