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NAME: Digitz Blessed #7
CITY: Gainesville
GENRE/ STYLE OF MUSIC: Conscious Hip-Hop

Top Hip Hop Christian Songs…Although minute in prominence, Lil iROCC has a vast influence on the christian rap social sphere. At 16, he is both the youngest HHH performer and the youngest music executive. In 2004, iROCC, along with his dad and mentor, “Big ROCC,” established their own label, Authority Music. Ever since his debut album, iROCC has obtained multiple accolades & awards that reflect his skills as well as accomplishment. Akin to Jones, iROCC has crossover appeal and has garnered national and intercontinental acclamation with his peers and adult audiences. All the while his approach is diverse (he collaborates with a wide variety of music recording artist), he remains predominately rap in terms of subject matter. Duly mature for his age, iROCC sets a criterion for HHH rappers. Top Hip Hop Christian Songs

Top Hip Hop Christian Songs…Edward “Young Dirty” Long is the son of New Birth’s elder pastor, Bishop Eddie L. Long. To his credit, Young Dirty is the CEO and host of The Good Life broadcasting in addition to the vice-president of Represent Entertainment, LLC. similar his father, Young Dirty has a groundbreaking ministry that reaches the masses. The Good Life radio is a nationally syndicated broadcasting show that airs in over 17 marketplaces & by means of the Internet. The show offers a diverse listening experience to incorporate rap, R&B, contemporary Gospel, pop, urban hiphop, and religious rap music. In addition to currently being a broadcasting host, Young Dirty is furthermore an inspiring speaker & an emcee that collaborates frequently on recording studio projects with mainstream and religious rap rap artist. Top Hip Hop Christian Songs

Top Hip Hop Christian Songs…One of the foremost notable pioneers of holy hip-hop is a crew known as, Gospel Gangstaz. Established in 1989 by South Central Los Angeles native & former street gang member, Mr. Solo, group members consist of Chille’ Baby & Tik Tokk. From a life of “selling crack, drive-by shootings, car-jacking, and forbidden sex,” the “gangstaz” managed to become a part of a developing body of christian hip-hop rap artist, who speak to life subject matter and challenges outside of conventional gospel music. Key influencers of Atlanta’s movement, Canton Jones, Big Ran, & eDDie Velez, help reveal hiphop’s newest regime. Top Hip Hop Christian Songs

Top Hip Hop Christian Songs…News for most hiphop fans, christian rap cropped up alongside rap in the late 80′s. While percolating within a variety of circles stateside & internationally, last year, the genre gained media interest via Newsweek, Jet, Geraldo at Large, Reuters, The Source’s blog, CNN, as well as the Associated Press. Momentum was so immense that the National Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences, added a Grammy category titled, Best Rock or Best Gospel Hiphop. * According to the Gospel Music Association, sales expansion for rock and gospel hip-hop is on the whole attributable to churches embracing diversity within music to appeal to kids and adults. Top Hip Hop Christian Songs

Top Hip Hop Christian Songs…2 of the most influential advocates of christian Hip-Hop are rap pioneers Curtis “Kurtis Blow” Walker and Christopher “Play” Martin. Noted for their personal achievements and contributions to hiphop, Walker and Martin are proactively involved in promoting christian Rap music. even though their platforms hold a different view, their goals are the same. Top Hip Hop Christian Songs

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