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The Death Clock…Do you know that by the end of this present day roughly eighty eight individuals will have died by suicide according to the U.S.United States Suicide Data). A overwhelming majority of them will have suffered from untreated depression or another mental health condition. Clinical depression may be triggered by one or many unconstructive life situation which may lead to suicide, suicidal feelings, or attempts. Yet, depressive disorders is very treatable. Getting relief for a depressive disorder can prevent the destructive consequences of suicidal feelings such as I wish to die. These thoughts are always a wake-up call and should be taken seriously. If you or someone you know is stressed out, get assistance immediately. Desperate, hopeless thoughts like I wish to die may be replaced with: I understand life can be difficult, but I will get over the challenges I encounter. I recognize others feel the way I do and I’m not alone. I believe there are people who care and want to assist. I choose to believe in myself. God is for me and offers me strength. I wish to exist. I have a great deal to give, to accomplish, and to fulfill. Love can on no account fail me. I’m cherished and I love myself, God and others. I won’t quit or ever give up. I’m born to be triumphant. I will to live and not give up the ghost. The Death Clock

The Death Clock …Family…One person I know was having a significantly dark day. She’d had a bad day at work, was feeling particularly stressed and was by and large sad with every area of her life. She had in no way seriously contemplated suicide, despite suffering depression for half her life. This distinct day, she was driving home from the job and selected a tree to crash her van into. In the moments previous to going through with it, she thought of her boyfriend, her sister, mother and father and even her dog. Deciding she did not really wish to put them through this, she avoided the tree. Sadly, this particular story is common and too often told. Major depression is really a selfish condition, however forcing yourself to think about the ones closest to you can help. Then talk to them, do not be fearful of their response. The Death Clock

The Death Clock …Diet regime…Recent research have shown that sugar contributes to clinical depression and generally feeling run down. A brand new book even suggests that an addiction to sugar is making us overweight and depressed. On the worst days, cut out sugar, caffeine and processed foods and document how you feel. Try it for a few days. With adequate care, you may start to catch a glimpse of patterns. At the very least, you will shed some kilos using your brand new healthy eating. The Death Clock

The Death Clock …Finding comfort in small things is a necessary key to dealing with and overcoming the sense of loss and grief. You’ve lost a piece of your spirit. It might scab over, but the scar is always there. So the next moment you’re feeling overwhelmed by loss (or you know someone who is), remember, a year is not enough. However by adjusting your life and staying connected to your life-lines, it is possible to address the loss and move on. Most folks are familiar with phobias such as the apprehension of flying or trepidation of spiders, but fewer folks understand that there’s a phobia of dying. It’s called Thanatophobia. While most people have a inherent fear of death, individuals with this problem have it to the extreme. The Death Clock

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