Songs To Cope With Death




Various Artists: Dr.  Louingsworth Presents: Overdose Victums


Songs To Cope With Death…Exercise…exercise is so beneficial for you! There are a number of ways in which keep fit will assist. The fresh air, sweet-smelling flowers, chatting to friends and neighbours, release of endorphins and getting your cardio for the day may actually help elevate your mood. Working out can be anything that will get you moving: walking, jogging, lifting weights, dancing, exercises and even swimming. Fling on a CD and clean the house. Not only will it get your heart pumping, you’ll moreover have a clean house to show for it. Songs To Cope With Death

Songs To Cope With Death …Here are a small number of tips to help you cope with those frequently overwhelming emotions…Accept…Your emotional reactions are genuine and human. You are normal. Don’t force yourself to be or to feel in a different way – at least for the circumstance. Do not let others tell you the way to feel, but do move on to the next steps. Isolation is your biggest enemy. Songs To Cope With Death

Songs To Cope With Death …Blogging…A useful way to vent those feelings is running a blog. Or a paper journal. Or simply writing on the whole. It is an ideal means to get those emotions out without hurting someone. No one has to read it, you can write and erase (or burn the paper- sensibly of course). It’s also a perfect way to recognise patterns, especially if you’re vulnerable to despression symptoms around precise times of the month. Songs To Cope With Death

Songs To Cope With Death …Atmosphere…You’ll find 2 parts to this: 1) the environment you are in each day and 2) what you are doing with that environment. Regular sunshine will boost your brain’s happy chemicals, so you may feel excellent. Indoors with no windows and artificial lighting will make you feel worse. A constructive working environment will also benefit. Inspiring words or images will help supercharge your mood. Colourful paintwork as opposed to plain white. Experiment with what you’ve got, see what feels appropriate for you. This is applicable to home in addition to work. Songs To Cope With Death

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