Song For Death


Song For Death


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Song For DeathSong For Death…So what is the secret to overcoming loss and minimizing grief, distress and despair? Well, it is called detachment by Buddhists. Even Christ taught us not to become emotionally involved to things, not for the reason being that he was mean spirited or callous. No, the key, is to have an appreciation for the afterlife borne out of personal understanding of life after death (I recognize from my very own individual experiences) and understanding that dying isn’t the end however merely the start understanding that my family link is continuous only in a physical sense, because I’ve had my mom, dad and 2 brothers and other family members (all in spirit) come back through on numerous occasions with information specific to me and known solely by me! From time to time I observe people, totally traumatized and broken by both the occurrence and perhaps the distressing and tragic circumstances of dying and I feel for them, for the reason being that for me, the fact that my relatives still love and care about me even tho they are soul, provides me a warmhearted feeling and a strong comfort. Song For Death

Song For Death …I know about loss of life, not as a result of of my six years experience working with an undertaker, but also, because of my own personal losses. I lost my mom aged 14 but I do not recall much regarding it. I cherished her but I was only a little boy. With my dad however, it absolutely was a very different story, I was much older by then. It’s strange mind you, how death affects each of us in a different way. I seem to recollect getting a phone call at work to come home. I also recall shaving however being a million miles away in my psyche. I more or less felt like a robot or a zombie…merely going through the motions on automatic pilot. It was in fact on the day of the funeral that I had my first taste of grieving, for I recall coming home to an empty home (I stayed with my father at that time and was single) and just sitting down on the floor and just crying and sobbing. Song For Death

Song For Death …Diet plan… Up to date research have made known that sugar contributes to clinical depression and in general feeling unhappy. A new book even suggests that an addiction to sugar is making us fat and unhappy. On the worst days, cut out sugar, caffeine and processed foods and record how you feel. Try it for a few days. With adequate care, you’ll begin to see patterns. At the very least, you will shed some pounds with your new- fangled healthy diet. Song For Death

Song For Death …Finding comfort in small things is a necessary key to handling and overcoming the sense of loss and depression. You’ve lost a piece of your spirit. It could scab over, but the scar is always there. Therefore the next instance you are feeling overwhelmed by loss (or you know someone who is), bear in mind, a year is not enough. However by adjusting your life and remaining linked to your life-lines, it is easy to address the loss and move on. The majority of people are familiar with phobias like the trepidation of flying or trepidation of spiders, but fewer people notice that there is a phobia of death. It is referred to as Thanatophobia. Whereas most individuals have a natural fear of death, individuals with this condition have it to the extreme. Song For Death