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Song About Suicide …I had a short time ago purchased two jumpers (sweaters) in a fisherman’s chunky style and one was beige in colour. Unfortunately it began to get caught on Velcro and began to look somewhat shoddier for wear, however being a man, I liked it and was loathe to part with it. A medium told me once, “Your mother states you’ve got to get rid of that horrible beige jumper in the closet…she says it doesn’t go well with you”! Well, it appears my wee mom stills looks out for me and that remark or message was worth its weight in gold to me and helped me not to fret a great deal about physical death. Absolutely, I still miss their physical presence and I would love to see my mum and give her a huge embrace, but I’m reassured by the idea that in the future, I am going to join the family in spirit and boy, what a ball we’ll have then! Song About Suicide

Song About Suicide …The sad truth is they’re just as (if not more) susceptible than we are. Being young is no assurance of the grim reaper turning a blind eye. I know, I worked for an undertaker for 6 years prior to going to study for my degree at college. The hardest tasks were always the deaths of infants, toddlers or young folk. I reminisce rather acutely bringing the tiny coffin of a beautiful little boy, wretchedly snuffed out at age 2 or three. How his folks must have felt! Song About Suicide

Song About Suicide …Secondly, what you watch on Television influences you, the same as songs. Medical shows, news, dramas and “reality” will all leave you feeling emotionally battered. Try comedies, variety shows, musical, uplifting programmes. Same with films: no more horror, get out the comedies. One friend I know with chronic depressive disorder watched a soap opera each and every day. She said waiting for the next installment was her way of taking one day at a time. Song About Suicide

Song About Suicide …Atmosphere…You’ll find 2 parts to this: 1) the environment you are in every day and 2) what you are doing with that environment. Regular sunshine will increase your brain’s feel- good chemicals, so you will feel fantastic. In the house with no windows and artificial lighting will make you feel worse. A constructive working atmosphere can also benefit. Inspirational words or pictures can help raise your mood. Vibrant paintwork as opposed to plain white. Experiment with what you’ve got, see what feels appropriate for you. This is applicable to home in addition to the job. Song About Suicide

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