Sleep Is Death



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Sleep Is Death…I remember being in hospital on the day he died, the medical doctor had called my sister in law and I out to a side room to provide us the unpleasant news. He was not coming out of the hospital the medical doctor said it was only a matter of time that day before he passed away. The news did not phase me. Without sounding heartless, I understood my brother had to let go for he was clinging on to life in a very frantic attempt not to die. I stood at the bedside, gently mopping his forehead and caressing his hair, he was my big bro and I cherished him to bits. Sleep Is Death

Sleep Is Death …I am not looking for sympathy whenever I say I have lost lots of family members and extended family and friends, but I have accepted it stoically or perhaps philosophically might be a better way of putting it now. One of the toughest things a person will ever have to face, is having to convince a loved one who is on its last legs of a fatal ailment to let go and pass on. My brother was a serious smoker and ended up with unremitting emphysema and got to the phase where an oxygen bottle and mask were no help to him. Sleep Is Death

Sleep Is Death …Secondly, what you observe on TV influences you, the same as songs. Medical shows, news, dramas and “reality” can all leave you feeling emotionally beat-up. Try comedies, variety shows, musical, uplifting programmes. Same with movie channels: no more horror, get out the comedies. One friend I know with chronic depressive disorders watched a soap opera each and every day. She said anticipating the next installment was her way of taking one day at a time. Sleep Is Death

Sleep Is Death …Individuals with Thanatophobia will typically feel a sense of panic or experience apprehension attacks based mostly on their fear. In several cases, their angst becomes so enormous that it affects their quality of life. There are certain signs and symptoms to look for with this form of nervousness disorder. They consist of tension, perspiring palms, fast heartbeat, fast breathing, shortness of breath, and a sense of impending doom. The warning signs described above, if they are experienced typically and over time, will produce valid physical troubles for the person experiencing them. They can additionally induce emotional issues which will have an effect on the person’s existence. Sleep Is Death

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