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Famous Deaths Today…Therefore what is the secret to overcoming loss and minimizing grief, sorrow and distress? Well, it is known as detachment by Buddhists. Even Christ educated us to not become emotionally involved to things, not for the reason being that he was mean spirited or heartless. No, the secret, is to have an appreciation on behalf of the spirit world borne out of personal understanding of life after death (I recognize from my own individual experiences) and knowing that dying isn’t the end but merely the beginning understanding that my family link is endless only in a physical sense, for the reason being that I have had my mother, dad and 2 brothers and other members of the family (all in spirit) come through on varied occasions with knowledge specific to me and known only by me! Now and again I observe folks, totally crushed and broken by both the experience and perhaps the distressing and tragic circumstances of death and I feel for them, because for me, the fact that my relatives still love and care about me even tho they’re soul, provides me a loving feeling and a strong comfort. Famous Deaths Today

Famous Deaths Today …If you have lost a cherished one and are in spite of everything anguished, please recognize, this really is only temporary, they are still very much with you, in spirit if not in body and I sincerely ask you to take comfort from the truth…yes, truth, that in the future you’ll reunite with them and have a celebration in the afterlife and all your tears will be wiped away and turned to joyfulness. Famous Deaths Today

Famous Deaths Today …There may be songs that are simply and genuinely cheerful songs. Even within the deepest of depressions, feel-good songs can not help out but make us feel precisely that. We may not be ready for these in acute grief, but as time pushes on, we can feel we necessitate these as we discover we need to rediscover ourselves in our new life without the one we cherished. Being attentive to songs concerning bereavement and sorrow might give the impression at first to be slightly melancholic, but actually music may help us through our grief. Famous Deaths Today

Famous Deaths Today …Please take a moment to watch the video and listen to “I’m Thinking Death” By the artist “KALI”. This very moving, passionate suicide song for suicide prevention could be a reminder that although you may have felt or said I want to die, there is hope regardless of how hopeless it appears; there is healing no matter how greatly it hurts; there are folks who in actuality do care and wish to assist. *If you or someone you know is stressed out, suicidal, or engaged in destructive behaviors, please get assistance today. Famous Deaths Today

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